Electronic Loungemusikkapelle

I just stumbled over the recording of a very nice jam session I did with a former colleague from Norway during a visit he paid in 2011. The recording was done purely electronically using just an electronic drum kit, a MIDI controller and a laptop for recording and providing synthesis of sounds for the keyboards. Unfortunately, we only recorded one of these sessions… Anyway, here is the masterpiece:


NP: Electronic Loungemusikkapelle – The only song

Random encounters

Last night, we’ve been out to the Südstraßenfestival in Aachen. After some beers there, we went on to the Kiste, where we met up with some other people.

During a random encounter at the bar, I learned that Aachen misses a music scene. Having said this myself quite often (about Germany in general, that is), I was tempted to agree. But not this time! I rather told the lady that we actually do have a band and a rehearsal room in the basement of our house. In almost no time, we, she, her going-to-be-husband, and a friend of them decided to come with us for a late night jam session. So, off we went for some funky noise ’til half past five! Yay!


NP: The Pixies – Cecilia Ann