Electronic Loungemusikkapelle

I just stumbled over the recording of a very nice jam session I did with a former colleague from Norway during a visit he paid in 2011. The recording was done purely electronically using just an electronic drum kit, a MIDI controller and a laptop for recording and providing synthesis of sounds for the keyboards. Unfortunately, we only recorded one of these sessions… Anyway, here is the masterpiece:


NP: Electronic Loungemusikkapelle – The only song

A journey’s end…

My summer has been a real blast travel-wise. I’ve been on a lot of almost magical vacations and successfully completed a heap of business trips, which both took me to quite some places in Europe.

The journey went about like this: Munich, Ireland, Munich, Memmingen, Vienna, Gif sur Yvette, Leipzig, Dresden, Stockholm, Paris, Manchester, Alkmar, Seewis, Munich again, Dinkelsbühl, Stockholm again, Madonna di Campiglio, Frankfurt, Lausanne, Leukerbad, Böblingen, Barcelona, Brussels, Freiburg, Schruns, Tieringen.

It feels like inbetween I was home only to do the laundry and to sleep. It is really amazing, what one can do and see in one year. All in all, I was sleeping for 101 nights in a foreign bed. Considering that many of the trips were only one or two days, this is totally too much.


NP: Stereo Total – Pixelize me