One piece of art, please

On Tuesday I’ve been to the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum, where very impressive installations and paintings by Lee Ufang were on view. I totally enjoyed the minimalistic, yet very expressive work by the Korean artist that was shown.

The way, the images were arranged along the rotundas of the museum was just perfect. After seeing the first few of the paintings (From Point), it was completely clear, what the next ones from that series, and even the ones from the series From Line would look like. Nonetheless, the images were not at all boring and were still able to create tension and excitement.

Top of The Rock

On Monday, all signs of Irene were gone from the sky and it was clear and sunny again. Indeed, it was quite warm and much less humid than before the hurricane, and I decided to go to Manhattan and walk around a bit to get a feeling of the city. I first went to visit Jens in his lab and together we went to Bryant Bark for some lunch (falafel wrap and an iced tea) and Jazz and to Grand Central to look at the roof. After that I went to Times Square on my own. There’s a horrible amount of lights and displays, and I had to sit down to not get epileptic because of them. In fact their homepage is almost as ugly and over-colored as the real thing 😉

After that, I went to the Rockefeller Center, from which you have an amazing sight over the city. The pictures I took there show all of the hugeness of this city, but do not even come close to reality.

Looking at all this, I really was wondering if I should admire this as a sign for the creative power of mankind and their attempts to structure the world, or if this is rather a sign of sheer decadence and a megalomaniac’s dream come true. Only when talking to a colleague about my thoughts and impressions and after some more thinking, I found the right words to give it a name: Squares without control!

In the eye of the storm

On Sunday, it was actually quite windy in Brooklyn. Here are some pictures of, I took during a walk through Park Slope in the morning:

Other than the fallen tree, Irene didn’t destroy anything noteworthy in Brooklyn. Still, the overall trail of damage is quite notable.

The safest place in the appartment

So, we’re sitting here in Evacuation Zone C, drinking beer and waiting for Irene to arrive. The picture below shows the view of Manhattan, we have from the roof top of the place I’m staying at.

BrooklynThe way it looks at the moment, however, it will rather be a tropical storm than a ‘real’ hurricane, once it hits New York. It is still interesting, how all public transport was shut down already at noon and how people secured their buildings and their trash cans 😉


So, I finally made it to New York. Yay! After a train ride, two flights, some more train and subway and a lot of walking, I finished my journey after about 23 hours and approx. 6500 km. I’ll try to blog some more from my journey. Now off to bed.


When I drove home from work the other day, nature showed all its beauty and power. The sky to my right, behind, and in front of me turned almost black, leaving only a small piece of perfectly blue sky to my left. From one second to the next, a massive thunderstorm set in and it started raining so heavily that the traffic on the highway slowed down to almost a standstill.

I really liked the almost unreal atmosphere this sudden change of weather created. At home, I called a friend when suddenly all lights went off. Power outage. Awesome! I lighted some candles and started a candle-lit BBQ 😉 Very nice experience!


As said earlier, I didn’t write for quite some time. The reasons are so numerous, that even I don’t recall the whole story en detail anymore. The short story is that some things went utterly wrong. But I thought and talked about all of that so much, that no one (including me) wants to hear or talk any more about it. New chapter, now!