The real street artists

Somewhat over a year ago, someone dropped a bucket of white wall paint on the sidewalk near where I live. This accident created a nicely elongated patch with some protrusions in the direction of pouring. Sometime later, presumably someone else used a black marker to make visible what was hidden in the white patch all the time: a crocodile! I really liked the spirit of this second mysterious person, but only got really amused by the whole thing when I found some days ago that the street workers who put glass fibre internet cables under the sidewalk had created a real piece of art. Enjoy!


NP: Evergreen Terrace – Crows

The secret Bruce

» Ja bisd du depperd, is des Gwand billig in Deitschland! «
– Dominic Rottermanner, 2011/08/11

And exactly for this reason, I want to take the opportunity and raise my glass to the three new shirts in town (aka the mindzoo shirt shop):

One piece of art, please

On Tuesday I’ve been to the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum, where very impressive installations and paintings by Lee Ufang were on view. I totally enjoyed the minimalistic, yet very expressive work by the Korean artist that was shown.

The way, the images were arranged along the rotundas of the museum was just perfect. After seeing the first few of the paintings (From Point), it was completely clear, what the next ones from that series, and even the ones from the series From Line would look like. Nonetheless, the images were not at all boring and were still able to create tension and excitement.