Pain Pickles

This is just a quick update to the pain harvest post. Meanwhile, I prepared a nice bottle of chili-garlic oil from some of them and pickled most of the remaining chili in brine, made from vinegar and salt, sugar, juniper berries, and bay leaves. Please also note, how nicely my kitchen counter supports AppleTM-style reflections ­čśë

The rest of my harvest now lays in the kitchen to dry. I’m really looking forward to use them during the winter! Now off to Freiburg.

Harvester of sorrow pain

Today, I harvested the chili from my garden and am quite happy with the result of almost 1kg ­čÖé This year, I had 7 different breeds: Red and Green Spanish Peppers, two different plants of Fire Kiss, Turkish Peppers, Pinocchio’s Nose, and Jalape├▒os.

Pain Harvest 2011Unfortunately, I only started growing in June, when I finally arrived here. This means that some of the chili did not get completely ripe. For example Pinocchio’s nose should have become purple. They are still hot, though ­čśë

To conserve my harvest, I will dry some of them, make garlic-chili oil of some, and try to pickle the rest in a salt-vinegar mixture, I read about on the web. I am already looking forward to cooking with them. Maybe I’ll post some follow-ups to this post with recipes and pictures…


500g Mehl
50g Zucker
1 Kaffeel├Âffel Salz
1/4 l Milch
80g Margarine
1 W├╝rfel Hefe
2 Eier

Alle Zutaten zu einem festen Teig verkneten. Eine Stunde gehen lassen, dann ausrollen und in Rauten schneiden. Die Rauten in reichlich hei├čem Distel├Âl ausbacken und auf einem K├╝chenkrepp abtropfen lassen. Anschlie├čend mit Zimt und Zucker oder Puderzucker bestreuen oder einfach so genie├čen.

Ade, Tante Honhanna!