Visiting aunt Ashley

The morning was again sunny, albeit a bit cold. Josie told us that temperatures went down to -7 during the night. We were in a good mood knowing that this day would only be a short 15 km, which seemed like a well deserved break from the first two days.

In order to not walk the same way twice, which always feels wrong, we decided to depart from the official plan for the beginning of the stage and seek adventure and our own path through the wilderness. This detour had some really picturesque sceneries ready for us:

Back on the Wicklow Way, we were walking past the first hut, close to Paddock Hill, where we had a short snack break. This is what we would have needed on the first day! To enrich his snack, Mr. C ate a gorse blossom, which he quickly spat out again, after Mrs. E told him that this was poisonous. Luckily, there was no (obvious) damage to him.

While running down the last hundered meters to Glendalough, we again went past our old friend, the Holländer, whom we already met at the Oaklawn B&B. We had another snack consisting of ice cream and cheesy garlic chips at the parking lot in the center.

The cheesy chips were a huge portion, first fried then covered in garlic mayonnaise then put into the microwave with plenty of cheddar on it. Yummy!

We decided to get some liquid refreshment and coffee in the local hotel, where two hundred elderly members of a choir from France were just finished with lunch. After the drinks, we went to see the famous cemetery, where imaginary aunt Ashley has her final rest, obviously.

On our way to the Riversdale House B&B, we were again showered by rain and hail, but compensation was provided in the form a friendly sign for dog owners:

20150427_150231_HDRPassing the greatest bridge of all times, we finally were at our destination for today and welcomed by Zell Conway and by the Holländer, who was sitting in the living room with his MacBook Air. After we had a shower, the weather was showing its ironic face again by letting the sun shine as if this were the only condition it knew.

We called The Wicklow Heather restaurant in Laragh to arrange for a table and pick-up. Strengthened by roast lamb with vegetables and gravey for me and Mr. C and Irish Stew for Mrs. E, we decided to go for the five km returning us to the B&B. On our way home we again stopped at the hotel for a fine selection of beer and whiskey before heading home over the nice bridge in the pitch black night.

Stats: → 20 km, Σ 69 km, ↑ 406 m, ↓ 507 m


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