Harvester of sorrow pain

Today, I harvested the chili from my garden and am quite happy with the result of almost 1kg 🙂 This year, I had 7 different breeds: Red and Green Spanish Peppers, two different plants of Fire Kiss, Turkish Peppers, Pinocchio’s Nose, and Jalapeños.

Pain Harvest 2011Unfortunately, I only started growing in June, when I finally arrived here. This means that some of the chili did not get completely ripe. For example Pinocchio’s nose should have become purple. They are still hot, though 😉

To conserve my harvest, I will dry some of them, make garlic-chili oil of some, and try to pickle the rest in a salt-vinegar mixture, I read about on the web. I am already looking forward to cooking with them. Maybe I’ll post some follow-ups to this post with recipes and pictures…