First day in a new world

My first work day only began at noon, as I really had to catch some sleep after the journey. The people in my new working group gave me a warm welcome and showed me around the different offices to get my contract signed (again), organize keys, network access, and such. I only had a short talk to my new boss about my projects, but all seems very promising and I hope the next half year to be a fun one! In the evening I went to see my new room in one of the student houses of the university. The room is really small, but there is a large kitchen and living room that I have to share with my 6 flat-share mates, of whom I only met 2 until now. After checking the flat and moving my boxes into my room, we went food shopping and cooked a great reindeer meal with chili pickles, carrots and the rest of yesterday’s pasta.

After eating we started to jam a bit on our guitars. The songs we played were Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Zu Spät by Die Ärzte. Somehow, we then talked about my really expensive (568 NOK/month) and small (~12 sq. m) room and I suggested to move into Tom’s guest room. He said that he also thought about this and we agreed to just do it! So starting tomorrow, these two guys will be my flat mates:

2 Responses to “First day in a new world”

  1. Oliver says:

    Na dann viel Spaß. Hoffentlich ist Dir Tom wegen des Bildes nicht böse 🙂

  2. Miles says:

    Wer von den beiden ist Tom?
    Und vor allem wieviel Krone ist denn Euro?