After three days without programming,
life becomes meaningless.

Programming projects

Physroom: This is a small physics simulation environment, which turned out to be quite well suited as a shooter-game! It is a bit rough to use at some points. the source code contains some things, which are in a very early state. Use with care!

Achterbahn: A somehow incomplete editor and simulator for roller coasters. This one features a piece of freaked out constructional unit called 'Whyrlpoint', a data structure named after a microwave oven one evening...

Laverne & Bernard: These are the characters in an old school graphic adventure game. In our case, these are the names for a library and an editor for multi-platform adventure games.

NEST: The neural simulation tool. It is aimed at the simulation of large biological neuronal networks. For more information and to get the source code, see the homepage.

Garmintools: A collection of tools for Linux to retrieve data from the Garmin Forerunner GPS units. I wrote Python bindings for the tools and am developing a graphical frontend to visualize the data.