On the road, chapter 2

After a short chat with Lexi, some sandwiches and sleeping for two hours I went on the road again at midnight, this time accompanied by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bad Religion.

For crossing the border to Denmark, I decided to listen to Volbeat, the volume cranked to the max! The rest of the journey was mixed regarding both music and weather. There was a lot of snow accompanied by the tunes of Placebo, WIZO, Rise Against, Tenacious D, and some podcasts by Deutschlandradio Kultur about alcohol prohibition and reindeer farming in Norway!

Whilst driving, I recognized a strangely familiar smell in the air, similar to the one an angle grinder (Flex in German) makes. I did not find the cause for it until I recognized the sparks created by the blade of the winter road maintenance car on the street in front of me!

I reached Fredrikshavn in Denmark at 6:07 in the morning, way before anyone else (including the ferry) made it here. The ferry arrived at 7:15 and is a pretty big boat if I’m to be its only passenger 😉

Wow! At 8:49 I actually drove onto the ferry. Meanwhile the temperature in my car had dropped to -0.8°C and I was freezing like hell. I am really not looking forward to the ferry ride as I am really tired now.

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